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How To Register Paypal For Shutterstock
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Hallo friend Duration on this occasion I will review about How To Register Paypal For Shutterstock, For those of you who are new to the site for buying and selling photos, illustrations, vectors and videos, namely Shutterstock, for more details, read the previous article about How to Register the latest Shutterstock

Paypal is one of the payment systems on this site in addition to Payoneer and Skrill, now for this time let’s discuss how to register Paypal as a payment method in a Shutterstock account.

Let’s just say you already have a Paypal account and for those who don’t have a Paypal account, please register on the official website Paypal.comhow to register is also easy, just follow the instructions to fill in your bio and you need to remember to activate Paypal so that you can use it fully you have to use a credit card or you can also use a debit card.

Now back to the topic, actually registering Paypal with Shutterstock is very easy but also very important because we will receive payment after entering the payment method when our Stock Photos are downloaded and have reached the payment threshold, usually a minimum payout of 35 $.

Easy Ways to Register Paypal for Payment on Shutterstock

Here are the steps to Register Paypal for Shutterstock

  1. For the first step please Login to your Shutterstock account
  2. Continue on to professional and select Account Setting
  3. Of Account Setting select settings Payout Information
  4. Next Change Make Payment To
  5. select Paypal
  6. In the Payout column, fill in Your Paypal Email
  7. select Minimum Payout usually Minimum 35$
  8. Final Save Setting

Payments on Shutterstock are usually every month if the minimum amount has reached what you set, if you have a lot of stock photos, videos, vectors that you download, it’s possible you can payout every month.

That’s how to register Paypal for Shutterstock is easy, right? For now, let’s get here first, I hope this article is useful.

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