How to Register Shutterstock 2021 – My Duration

For those of you who want to participate on the site Microstock in this article my duration will discuss how to register Contributor di Shutterstock. By joining Shutterstock you can channel your Hobby and make money from selling photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos, interesting isn’t it?

Well, for those of you who just know Shutterstock, here’s the full review:

From 2019, Shutterstock has provided elasticity for anyone to Sign up to be a Contributor on their site.

That is, no longer required identity such as a passport when registering. Because previously, to register on this site, the contributor must first validate the passport.

Registration is also easy and free. If you’re curious about how to register, read this article to the end, okay?

Before continuing, it’s good I discuss first What is Shutterstock let this article be more complete.

What is Shutterstock?

On its website, Shutterstock is known as a globally licensed image, video and music facilitator platform.

That way, Shutterstock is a microstock site that is a place for selling photos online, selling vector images, short videos, etc.

There is a lot of visual content available in this program, both which can be downloaded for free or for sale.

This visual content is presented by a platform community spread across the world with different skill backgrounds.

Starting from graphic design, creative director, video editor, photographer, film maker, web developer, app developer, UX design, etc.

In a more general sense, Shutterstock is a site for various images, photos and videos that allow their use to generate income, by selling them.

I mentioned above about the community that prepares content on Shutterstock. This community is known as Contributor.

Shutterstock Contributors are people with the jobs I mentioned above and spread all over the world, including Indonesia.

Shutterstock itself is made by Jon Oringera Programmer, Photographer and also an Entrepreneur who is quite successful in New York, in 2003 ago.

And for those of you who want to be a Contributor on this site, there are many benefits, namely:

  • Photos, designs or videos of work are certainly easier to appear on the site’s homepage
  • Shutterstock is one of the most famous microstock sites with the largest total contributors in the World
  • There are various versions and forms of files that can be uploaded or downloaded
  • No need for a passport or other identity when registering
  • Contributor pages on Shutterstock can be used as portfolios when registering with other microstock sites, for example Freepik
  • Content uploaded on this site may be sold on other microstock sites such as Adobe Stock or in the photo buying and selling application as long as the license is Non-exclusive
  • Every contributor can earn money from here

For those of you who want to earn from Shutterstock, the first step that must be followed is registering.

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How to Register Shutterstock

How to register Shutterstock

1. For the first step, please visit the registration link to become a Shutterstock Contributor

how to register dhutterstock contributor

  • Click Sigh Up, then you will be directed to fill out the registration form and fill it in as instructed

How to fill out the Shutterstock Contributor registration form

To fill out the form look at the picture above

  1. Full Name: Fill in full name
  2. Display Name : Fill in the name that will appear on the Shutterstock home Dashboard
  3. Email Address: Fill in your email address
  4. Password: Fill in the password, it is necessary to remember for the password to try to contain several characters, and be easy to remember.
  5. Next step check TOS, Privacy Policy and click Next

2. Check the email that was registered earlier, because Shutterstock sent an email for verification. After successful verification, please login with your email and password.

How to Register for the Latest Shutterstock 2021
  1. Visit address Login Shutterstock Contributor
  2. Fill in Email and Password
  3. Check human verification and click Sign In

After you successfully enter the Shutterstock Dashboard, it means that you can upload Photos, Videos, Illustrations and Vectors. So for the time being, it’s enough to get here first, explain How to Register Shutterstock. Good luck

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