The Nosy Little Prince

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On this occasion, children stories will tell you about an interesting children’s fairy tale, let’s look at the children’s story about the Nosy Little Prince. One day, the king was about to go hunting, and at the same time teach the little prince to hunt in the forest. The Little Prince was very happy and excited. The King and the Little Prince, and their entourage went to the forest.

After a long walk, finally the king saw a deer grazing.

“Well, there is a hunt,” said the king as he readied his bow.

Behind the king, the little prince saw the deer. He wanted to shoot it.

“Father, let me do the archery,” said the little prince.

“No, my son. this is a big catch. Let me shoot it, “rejected the king.

The Little Prince was disappointed. He really wanted to shoot the deer. Olala, unbeknownst to the king, the Little Prince drew a bow and pointed it at the deer.


An arrow is released from the bow. But unfortunately, the Little Prince’s shot missed and didn’t hit the deer. The deer who realized there was a hunter, immediately ran very fast.

Seeing the deer running because of the little prince’s annoyance, the king was annoyed.

“I told you, I’ll be the one to hunt him down. It’s better if you and your bodyguards don’t bother me,” said the king.

The little prince was also annoyed. Then the group resumed their hunt.

“Wow, there’s a bird. It can be for dinner,” murmured the king when he saw a bird on a tree.

The little prince also saw the bird. But he remembered, his father told him not to interfere. The little prince was annoyed again. He also had an idea to express his frustration.

The little prince took a small stone from the ground, then threw it into the tree where the bird perched. The bird that perched on the tree was shocked, then flew away before the king shot it.

With an annoyed feeling, the king looked at the Little Prince. But, the Little Prince pretended not to know anything. Ah, the king couldn’t blame him without proof.

The king’s entourage then continued the hunt. However, the little prince continued to annoy the king.

Night came. The group then set up a tent by the river. But sadly, because of the Little Prince’s constant annoyance, not a single animal was successfully hunted. As a result, they couldn’t eat anything tonight.

The Little Prince realized his mistake and regretted it. It was night, and they couldn’t hunt anymore. In fact, his stomach was already growling. He had to endure hunger.

Moral message

Guys, don’t be nosy. Then we will lose ourselves.


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