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The camera is a device that plays a role in photographing a moment or object into an image. Today, the camera has become one of the items that are widely used by people for their personal or career documentation needs. Various jobs, such as photographers, cannot be separated from this one item.

Along with the passage of time, the camera is also increasing in number and good in terms of type and quality. analog camera become a public idol at that time because it was enough to buy a roll of film to capture the results of your shots. however, with the development of technology, digital cameras are now ruling the market.

Some types of cameras include Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR ), Mirrorless, Polaroid which can get instant results, action cameras to support outdoor activities, pocket camera, full frame camera, and others. Not only that, you can even download some camera applications via Playstore on the phone.

Not only the type, the use and brand of the camera is also increasing. not only for taking photos, moreover there is a camera that can shoot videos or vlogs, monitor the surrounding conditions like cctv, especially taking photos from a height via drones. Some of the well-known brands include Nikon, Sony, Canon, Leica, GoPro, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Instax, Lumix, Olympus, Pentax, and others.

Prices for each brand also vary, from the cheapest to the most expensive. There are some famous cameras that have phenomenal and fantastic prices, more than those on the market.

Well, you are curious what are the World’s Most Expensive Cameras in 2021, along with photos and prices.

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Leica 0-Serie Nr. 107 Price: USD 1.9 million (Rp 2.5 billion)

The World's Most Expensive DSLR Camera
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The predicate of the most expensive camera in the world so far has actually fallen on Leica 0 Series No. 107 at a price of USD 1.9 million or equivalent to 27 billion rupiah. Despite its old-school shape, Leica is the most premium camera brand because of its quality. Not only that, this one series is actually only manufactured for 25 pieces.

Leica 0-Serie Nr. The 107 was also the first camera to be exported to the United States. Interestingly, the Leica 0-Serie Nr. The 107 is the only series that has German writing on the top, so this camera is very classic and original. In 2011, this 1923 camera sold for $1.9 million at auction.

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Hasselblad H6D-400C MS Price: 640 million

The World's Most Expensive DSLR Camera 2021
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Having a multi shot feature, the Hasselblad H6D-400C MS camera can take 400MP photos. The multi shot feature allows it to capture several high-resolution images and then combine them into one. However, the file scale will be slightly larger at 2.4 GB and take a slower time than when shooting with a normal camera.

Hasselblad H5D-200c Price: IDR 598 million

Most Expensive Camera
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There is a camera from Hasselblad which is included in the list of the most expensive series in the world, namely the H5D-200c. as the name suggests, this camera has a medium format sensor with a resolution of 200MP, thanks to the multi shot feature. This camera can take pictures with a 50 MP resolution of four to six pieces to make one.

You will need 400 MB for photo storage. However, this camera is not for taking the streets, but only for photographing fixed objects.

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Hasselblad A5D-80 Price: Rp543 million

World's Most Expensive Camera

The medium format camera that has a price above 500 million is the Hasselblad A5D-80. There are three different sensors ranging from 40 MP, 50 MP, to 60 MP, along with the 14″ feature stops dynamic range and the ability to capture photos on CF cards or external storage makes the price very expensive.

The shape is minimalist and specific for drones, so this camera is very suitable for type photography aerial.

Panoscan Mark III MK-3 Price: IDR 520 million

World's Most Expensive DSLR
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The Panoscan Mark III MK-3 is a camera that has the ability to take 360-degree images in just 8 seconds, so it can make landscape photography. With the support of Flash VR and QuickTime VR, this camera can also be used by soldiers for diplomatic mapping and the police for forensic photography.

Leica S2-P Price: IDR 390 million

The World's Most Expensive DSLR Camera 2021
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The Leica S2-P is one of the first DSLR models to have a 35mm lens scale and can be used for various types of activities such as panoramic photography. with a sensor with dimensions of 30 45 and a resolution of 37.5 mega pixels,

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Susse Fr res Daguerreotype Price: USD 978,000 (Rp1, 2 billion)

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Next on the list of the most expensive cameras in the world is Susse Fr res Daguerreotype. No less classic, this camera is in fact 185 years old. However, this camera is not for sale because of special ownership that has been passed down from generation to generation. The price above is only an assumption if the camera on display in Westlicht, Vienna, Austria is sold.

This camera is the fruit of one of the most meritorious people in the world of photography, namely Daguerreotype. On the outside of the camera, there is a self-signed verbal lithograph stamp by Louis Louis-Jacques-Mand Daguerre.

Canon Diamond Ixus Price: USD 60,000 (Rp730 million )

The most expensive Canon camera
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True to its name, this camera is made of 380 diamonds which is a special model of the Ixus-65. This camera was made in the framework of Digital Elph’s 10th anniversary celebration in 2006. Although the model is very simple, no wonder the price is expensive.

Phase One XF 100MP Harga: Rp651 – Rp680 juta

The most expensive camera right now 2021
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Phase One XF 100MP is one of the medium format cameras that has a very large sensor, approaching 100 megapixels. Of course, the essential power lies in the resolution of the image obtained. Thanks to the Phase One XF body aggregate with its IQ3 digital back, professional photographers can now produce very clear and good photos.

not only that, the Phase One XF 100MP also makes it easier for photographers to take photos with long exposures and when using large aperture lenses outdoors. no wonder, if this is one of the most sophisticated cameras.

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Leica M9-P Hermes version Price: USD 50,000 (Rp 650 million)

The most expensive vintage camera
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There’s more, the Leica series that is included in the list of the most expensive cameras in the world, namely the Hermes version. As the name suggests, this camera is designed with glamorous items from the French fashion house, Hermes. The leather and construction are handcrafted and completed with additional lenses.

Not only that, in fact this is a limited version because only two were manufactured, of which the other was not sold. Therefore, do not be confused if the price is very high.

That is it Top 10 Most Expensive Cameras at Fantastic Priceshopefully it will be your inspiration and keep in mind that the prices listed above can change over time, they will be more expensive or they can be cheaper.

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