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If you want to make cool photos, of course, shooting experience is very necessary. The more often you do photo hunting, the more sensitive you will be in seeing the object you want to photograph.

Cool photos can be realized from the ability to compose images. When you are proficient in photo composition, it is easy for the photo to materialize.

Well for that there are several Tips for determining a cool photo angle to make cool photos too, of course, that is by knowing the angle of taking the photo or Angle photo.

For more details about the Angle of the photo, it has been explained in the previous article

Take a corner Symmetrical

Example of a symmetrical photo angle
source: unsplash. com

Usually, the human eye tends to see a neat object. That theory also applies in the world of photography, where you have to produce symmetrical photos to attract the attention of photo lovers. Symmetry is meant is a balanced image form between sides.

To produce a symmetrical photo, you can choose some objects such as building architecture or nature. Even so, symmetrical photos are thought to be quite difficult to apply in a natural way. Therefore, you have to go through the editing stages to perfect the results of the symmetrical photo.

Use Landscape / Panorama Techniques

Example of a panoramic photo angle
(sumber: static. pexels. com)

Want to photograph a wide object in one frame? Now you don’t have to bother changing the wide lens anymore, because you can use the landscape method found on the camera or smartphone. In order to get good results, you have to make sure the camera is standing in the same position. That way, the landscape will not leak or be damaged.

Not only the landscape method, you can use the overlay method as another option. To practice this method, you only have to take one picture at a time from different angles. After all the corners are complete, you can put them together through photo editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom.

Use the Rule Of Thirds Method

Example of the Angle of the Rule Of Thirds technique photo
(source: wikimedia. org)

The creation of objects in a photo actually affects the beauty obtained. For that, you have to practice the rule of thirds, where the photo area is split into three parts vertically or horizontally. Later you will see 9 equally large areas that will help you determine the position of objects in the photo.

After activating rule of thirds on the camera screen, you must specify Point Of Interest (POI)namely the object that will be the focus of the photo.

Next, you can place the object into one of the rule of thirds areas. By practicing this rule, the photos you shoot will be more balanced and produce an attractive landscape.

Use the Frog Eye View Technique

tips for using frog eye composition

The angle of the frog eye photo actually emphasizes the very low angle of view of the main photo object. often to the ground.

The impression you get is an unusual landscape/panoramic angle, you can apply this situation if you want to highlight the splendor of a building’s architecture, or just take pictures of the blue sky with skyscraper decorations.

This type of photo angle will definitely be appropriate if the object of the photo you are shooting is similar to the impression that was seen earlier. For example: Photos of buildings, magnificent bridges.

If this is used to photograph models, the most visible effect is that your model will look like a giant. But that situation depends on the lens used as well, if you don’t want it to be giant, take a long enough distance and use a lens with focal length long (telephoto lens).

Gunakan Teknik Angle Bird’s Eye View

An example of a photo angle of the Angle Bird's Eye View technique

Point of view bird’s eye view will show photos that are usually obtained from above or higher than the object of the photo. Some types of photos using drones will really highlight the special character of this photo angle.

Some of the impressions that will be captured from this type of photo include: The area of ​​​​the photo is wide and often very wide, therefore this photo angle is widely used when mapping or create inspection an area.

Photographing from the top of a 15-story skyscraper will also bring this impression. but if you really want to feel what it’s like to shoot with a point of view bird’s eye view here, try shooting with drone earlier and you will know the difference.

That is 5 Tips for Determining the Angle of a Cool Photo Produces cool Photos. It doesn’t matter if you try to edit photos a little with the Photo Editing Application by not changing the original object of the photo so that the results remain natural, Good luck!

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