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Once Samsung is done with the launch of its new foldable device on August 11, all eyes will be on the company’s next flagship series. Since there won’t be a new Galaxy Note lineup in 2021, the Galaxy S22 series will be Samsung’s next flagship series.

It’s a silly season at the rumor mill with all sorts of claims flying around. The latest suggests that a 200-megapixel Olympus-branded camera will be installed. January 2022 is when the launch of the Galaxy S22 might happen.

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200MP camera and S Pen expected for Galaxy S22

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Citing several industry sources, a Korean publication claims that Galaxy S22 launch will take place in January 2022. That is not an outrageous claim. The Galaxy S21 series was launched in January last year and went on sale the same month. So a January launch would make sense.

The other claims are a bit out there. Apparently, Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 200 MP camera with a five-lens camera system that carries the branding Olympus.

For those who don’t know, Olympus is a Japanese manufacturer of cameras and optical technology known globally for their high quality. The potential Samsung-Olympus collaboration first surfaced about three months ago.

Smartphone manufacturers teaming up with major professional camera brands is unheard of. This will be the first time Samsung has done something like this. Some even suggested that it was actually Olympus who approached Samsung with the idea of ​​cooperating on smartphone camera technology.

Whether Samsung really needs Olympus or not is another matter. Samsung used to make its own professional-grade mirrorless cameras. It is also a leader in smartphone camera technology. So collaboration with Olympus may be more beneficial from a marketing point of view than technology.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the Galaxy S22 Ultra which might feature a 200-megapixel sensor. A recent report actually claims that Samsung has given up on the idea. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature Samsung’s third-generation 108 MP ISOCELL HM3 sensor instead. It seems that at least some still believe that a 200 MP camera remains a possibility.

Lastly, the report also claims that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have S Pen support. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has it too. So we can expect Samsung to maintain the status quo nya here.

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