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Xiaomi Mi 11 Edisi black widow Marvel
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Ahead of the premiere of the film Black Widow on July 9, Xiaomi has partnered with Marvel Studios to launch a multi-dimensional campaign targeting character highlighting of the film’s heroes and finding common ground with Xiaomi’s 2021 flagship offering, the Mi 11.
Xiaomi Mi 11 can provide users with a perfect cinematic experience, which is in line with Marvel Studios’ work and content over the years. Multi-channel, co-branded marketing campaign will showcase the new film as well as highlight My 11 and the cinematic experience it can offer its users.

Xiaomi has indeed established a good relationship between the Mi 11 and the hero character of the film Black Widow and how a premium smartphone can provide an excellent cinematic experience in front of its peers.

Marvel Studios has a solid entertainment repertoire, providing diversity and depth to its content delivery, and the Black Widow films are following in the same direction.

The campaign will run simultaneously in seven European countries ahead of the film’s premiere on July 9. Xiaomi said that the choice of the Black Widow film was very strategic, as the features and functionality of the Mi 11 find a good match with the main character traits of Black Widow, and it is a marketing competition with a focus on entertainment.

The Mi 11 has enjoyed some rave reviews for a long time. It comes with a plethora of features and functionality that has put it on its own pedestal.

Two variants are available based on internal memory – while the 128GB model retails for GBP 749 ($1,034), while the 256GB model is priced at GBP 799 ($1,103) and is available from the Mi Store.

The hype on the Mi 11 is undeniable as we approach the Black Widow premiere on Friday.

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