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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Specifications

The first MIUI 13 build is expected to be rolled out soon in beta form for users of several Xiaomi smartphones with Chinese ROMs. While it is widely expected that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be one of the first devices to run MIUI 13, it now appears that the Mi Mix 4 will come with MIUI 12.5.

Some work owner which is interesting by Xiaomiui has revealed that MIUI 13 may be ready for the first stage of beta testing. According to the image provided by the channel, MIUI version 21.7.5, which could be the final version of MIUI 12.5, is expected to launch on July 6. The next version with version number 21.7.6 is believed to be scheduled for release. 7 July and Xiaomiui guessed that because the build number from 12 to 0 this indicates the start of the MIUI 13 rollout.
MIUI 13 build First In but it looks like Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will run on MIUI 12.5
MIUI 13 build image by twitter.com

Obviously this will be a beta variant of the MIUI 13 ROM and as such it is only available on certain Xiaomi smartphones in China. However, the same source reckons there will be an announcement of MIUI 13 on July 16, with this information apparently being taken from the MIUI File Manager app. It’s possible that Xiaomi offers the MIUI 13 update rollout schedule at that time.

It is also believed that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 smartphone will be out of the box running on MIUI 13, and the source above states that the latest Android device and overlay will be “introduced together”. However, it has now been reported that the Mi Mix 4 will use MIUI 12.5 once it is released, which makes more sense as there will likely be a lot of MIUI 13 bugs to be fixed before the latest firmware can be considered stable.

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