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How to Use a Smartphone for Tilt-Shift Photos – Want to look like a professional photographer who takes great photos? You don’t have to buy a DSLR camera that costs more than a Ninja motorbike, all you need is a smartphone with middle-class camera capabilities that can be bought in the market for around a million.

One of the most frequent features in DSLR camera is a photo tilt-shiftwhich is a photo technique that makes the world look like a miniature, or more clearly like you are looking at a miniature city on a photo you created.

How to Use a Smartphone for Tilt-Shift Photos
Foto Tilt-Shift

With a DSLR camera, Tilt-Shift photos can be done very easily, you just need to use the lens tilt-shift specifically to manipulating depth of field and perspective.

But did you know that Tilt-Shift photos can be done with a smartphone? If you know the trick, then you’ll have a lot of fun creating Tilt-Shift photos that seem deep art when you manage to create a photo in a diorama-like style. To do a Tilt-Shift photo with a smartphone, you can try following these steps.

Foto Tilt-Shift Step 1

You should know that the key to making Tilt-Shift photos with a smartphone is to take the view from a high enough place. Therefore take a photo from the top of a building or from a high place and direct the lens to the object below.

Also make sure you choose a simple photo composition, don’t put too many objects into your lens. If there are people on the object you want to capture, make sure they look small so that the effect of your Tilt-Shift photo is much more real and good. Lighting also needs to be considered so that the sharpness of the image can be perfect.

Foto Tilt-Shift Step 2

If your smartphone belongs to the high end class, look and look for the filters it carries. If there is a miniature and blur effect, then you can use it to create a Tilt-Shift photo effect.

If your smartphone does not have a complete camera filter feature, you can use several photo editing applications after your photo is taken. There are several applications that can be used, both for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

For Android, you can download Pixlr or Instagram which has features Tilt-Shift. For iOS you can try TiltShiftGen2 and for Windows Phone you can try Lumia Creative Studio.

This app is very useful for making Tilt-Shift photos even if you don’t have a DSLR camera. But what really matters is how you take photos before the Tilt-Shift effect is added with the app.

Foto Tilt-Shift Step 3

If what you’re using for Tilt-Shift photos is a help app, then pay attention exposure or lighting is very important. There should be no excess light or too little light.

You can manipulate photos with touch focus or give blur effect in certain parts. Determine the focal point you want and then adjust the amount of blur to create a Tilt-Shift photo effect, usually this step is done by setting a radial or circular effect. How to Use a Smartphone for Tilt-Shift Photos

Foto Tilt-Shift Step 4

To get a better Tilt-Shift photo effect, there are some suggestions from professional photographers that you should adjust the values ​​in the vibrancy, contrast, and saturation menus. These three filters are always present on all types of smartphones so that their use can be much easier.

All it takes is fiddling with all three filter values ​​until you find the right composition that looks like a diorama or miniature. The value of the three filter elements is not the same for every photo taken because it depends on the level of lighting and also the depth of the object taken.

After the effect is obtained perfectly, the photo is ready for you to save in JPEG or BMP format.


That’s how to use a smartphone for Tilt-Shift photos. Even if you don’t have a DSLR camera with a price of tens to hundreds of millions,

You can create Tilt-Shift photo effects with a smartphone for a million dollars with results that are almost indistinguishable from those of a DSLR camera.

However, to get a Tilt-Shift photo effect with results that are close to the quality of a DSLR camera, your sharpness of vision and your imagination must still be trained, as well as shooting techniques.

In essence, a lot of practice making Tilt-Shift photos will make you an expert in the field. So keep trying and trying until you succeed.

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